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Who am I?

Who we are, our identity, informs what we do, how we relate to others, where we are going, and even how we view ourselves. Since the answer to this question impacts every part of our life, it is likely the most important question that we can answer. The identity question is THE question.

The identity we live out of is not the one for which we were created. Throughout our lives, who we are is shaped by the actions of those around us and our own decisions. We are told that we can be whoever we want to be, selecting our own identity, and that there is no wrong identity. This results in a corrupted identity, which leaves us unfulfilled and on the continual search for who we should be.

God is actively pursuing people who are willing to leave behind their corrupted identity, allowing Him to give them the one He planned for them. Redeeming Identity combines the psychological and Biblical concepts of identity to provide a unique perspective through which we can view the Bible, the gospel, God, our relationship with Him and others. Through knowing the God who created us, we can discover the identity He uniquely created for us.



Identity is the object of a ceasless arduous quest whose stakes are life and death. The search for identity becomes a task which inspires the whole life of man.

– Pierre Buhler


Dr. Eric L. Moyer





Dr. Eric Moyer started his career as a teacher. He earned his degree in mathematics curriculum and instruction at Temple University. His resulting teaching experience includes teaching courses at various levels including middle school, high school and college, training teachers in how to teach effectively, and curriculum development and consultation.

After moving into an educational research position, he earned a Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, graduating magna cum laude with all A’s, which would surprise of all his middle and high school teachers. While taking classes in psychological development, he became interested in identity formation. He started researching both the psychological and Biblical aspects of the formation of Christian identity.

Eric has been gifted with a unique perspective, which he uses to help individuals discover who God is and who He created them to be. His desire is for every individual and ministry which God leads him to work with become the masterwork God designed them to be. He also appreciates the opportunity to support and help pastors and church leaders as they incorporate identity into all aspects of church ministry and leadership.

Welcome to Redeeming Identity!

Redeeming Identity is a ministry focused on the Biblical understanding and communication of who we were created to be, our true identity.


Developing resources that clearly communicate about Biblical identity.


Teaching people the importance of focusing on identity for true transformation.


Working with individuals to discover their identity and disciple others using identity

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